Monday, November 11, 2013

Fairytale Females

Sleeping Beauty lies on a sumptuous bed of red velvet surrounded by a dry stone wall and wild flowers. She is no hurry to be woken.

Fairytale: Sweet, Sweet Slumber, 2013, thread & fabric, 77 x 120cm

The Princess & the Pea has been waiting in my head for a long time. How could I resist all those mattresses?! 

Fairytale: Insomnia, 2013, thread & fabric, 77 x 153cm

When I happened across some beautiful fish tail leather at Open Drawer Gallery recently it had to become a mermaid's tail. The Little Mermaid is a powerful female figure in fairy tale lore: a heroine who takes control of her own destiny, rescues her prince & actively chooses her fate. 
"The Mermaid's Choice".

Fairytale: The Mermaid's Choice, 2013, thread, fabric and fish leather, 62 x 77cm

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